Who Am I 

Redefine Your Life Through the Power of your Story

This powerful Step by Step Personal Transformation Blueprint, guiding you from being overwhelmed and out of control, to living the life you were born to live.


Who Am I uses proven tools and processes (40 years of research), to attain quick and effective personal transformation results by working through simple and thought-provoking exercises, each lesson building on the previous one, gently guiding you towards redefining your life and then living it...

Let' save some time and see if this program is a good fit for you!!

You are the type of person that knows you have something inside of you that you have to give to the world and have tried many times before, only to be snapped back into the same old reality. If you have been stuck in that rut of life, chained to the treadmill, living groundhog day everyday, but still you have a sense of knowing you have gold inside of you and you know it is going to come out soon, then read on…

You have a passion for life and;

  • Want to get up in the morning and be in control of your life, living it on your terms and crave the skills to be able to design and then live the life that you were born to live.

  • Want to optimise your life to bring yourself fully into your relationships, family, friends and express yourself through the work you do in the world.

  • Want to take back your power and live energised and aligned with actions and purpose, in pursuit of freedom, living life on your terms, doing things when you choose and not when you have to.

  • Crave authenticity, honesty and integrity and want to experience the full spectrum of emotions and embrace life’s challenges head on, whilst being grounded and in control.

If this sounds like you, then it is time to try again. You are now in the right place and are going to love this Course. It is designed specifically with you and your goals in mind.

It is my greatest pleasure to be able to guide you step by step through the Who Am I transformational blueprint process, discuss what comes up for you and how we can use these experiences as fuel to drive you forward towards the life you crave to live so much.

By the time you have completed
Who AM I,
this is what you will have:

  • Awareness and a fundamental understanding of the process of how and why you came to live this current life.
  • The insight to identify areas in your current life that are not working for you right now and then change them.
  • The power to see how your belief system was created and how it affects you both negatively and positively. Then re-set it!!

  • Empowerment through a lifetime skillset to design and build your ultimate life then live it.

  • A step by step blueprint to up-level your life anytime and anywhere.  

  • Have access to a tool kit that you can use for the rest of your life to continue to evolve as and when you wish.

  • The key to your freedom, to live your life how, when and where you want.


Sonia from Melbourne shares her story.

“How many times have I heard the clichés;

“Life is a journey”
“We are the hero of our own stories”
“Create your new chapter, Create your life”

And yet here is a Course that delivers on point.

Who Am I is brilliantly crafted. Super simple to follow with profound results. The depth of awareness and growth I gained is continuing, long after the last lesson. The format and information is a joy to follow and it is a Course I can easily redo alongside of my teenage girls. And something I highly recommend for teens. Very empowering.

Love it.

Thank You Andy.”

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Success Stories

Learn from Alumni Stories

What Karen from Melbourne had to say:  

“Participation in the Who Am I Course was a great personal growth experience for me. As the program progressed, I became more aware of the many different facets that make up the person I am today, but most importantly, I learned how my deep personal beliefs and self-concept were impacting my current ‘story’ –in both my personal life and my career.

The processes and strategies contained within the Course helped me unpack some hidden beliefs I had about myself and demonstrated to me how those beliefs drove and reinforced the ‘language’ I used in everyday conversations - acting as a sort of ‘brake’ or ‘barrier’ to ever creating the life I truly desired.

By participating in the Who Am I Course, I discovered some valuable new insights about myself and was further encouraged to reflect and redesign, ‘my old story’, to a story that was potentially far more open to experiencing wonderful possibilities and opportunities, than previously.

Using a self-paced and structured approach, Andy, the Who Am I Course facilitator, shares his knowledge and experience in a warm hearted, intelligent and engaging manner.

I found the Course to be very beneficial and personally insightful and would recommend it to others.”

Pam from Melbourne shares her experience with Who Am I

“Thank you for the opportunity to work through Who Am I.

It’s huge!!! There’s so much to it. It’s not something I could do in 1 sitting.

The questions are excellent, and they prompt so much reflection and self-examination.

I realised how little I know myself.  I couldn’t easily answer the questions.  I had to pause, let the questions wash around in me and come back to it.  And when I did go back, there was so much more that came up & I had to sit with it again.  (This is partly why it is taking time.  And I didn’t want to rush it.  It is very powerful).”

What’s Who AM I all about?

With Who Am I I have created immersive thought-provoking exercises allowing you mindfully decode your old life and then apply proven techniques to create a powerful shift in both your thinking and the way you implement the program. Simply by completing the modules in sequence you end up with a roadmap, that when implemented is your New Life…

There’s also a `secret sauce’ I wanted to share with you, it is in the way you learn through the Course.

At school you used to get the Lesson first and then the Test. In life it is completely the opposite, you get the Test first and then the Lesson.

I know as soon as we start talking about tests and lessons the nerves come up.  There’s no need to be scared or worried about the process, just like Sonia, Karen and Pam, you will never be alone, unless of Course you need some space to figure things out.

Support is a given in Who Am I, with multiple workshops and Q and A sessions you’ll be able to share valuable ideas, your story, get support and ask questions of others in the group, resulting in a rich learning environment designed to fast track and support your path forward.  

Lesson 1:   Understanding the Levels of Self

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who has been through this process before… I know where you are going to get stuck and that my friend, is going to save you a lot of time frustration and stress trying to work things out by yourself.

No more going around in circles and getting frustrated, feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained, you will be part of a group of people that are just like you going through exactly the same thing, giving you peace of mind and so much relief…

We get started at the core of all of your challenges, your Concept of Self, how you created it and the 3 Levels that control the way your life unfolds.


  • This is the cornerstone of the whole program. You will get a clear idea of what your Concept of Self is and how it has been controlling your life.

  • Diving deeper into the Concept of Self, you uncover how easily you programmed your belief system to create the person you are today.

  • Learn how you created a “Story” by creating relational frameworks in your subconscious mind and how that has become your identity.

  • Spend valuable time reflecting on how you have connected these frameworks together to create your Concept of Self.  

  • Now you have awareness of how you got to where you are now, we can start moving towards the person you want to become.

Lesson 2:   Understanding your Story

You have now got the framework down pat and the next step is to start working through your beliefs and experiences that have created “Your Story/Identity”. Through this process of Reflection, Validation and Fact checking you will be able to see the old beliefs and experiences for what they are…

Right about now the lights come on and you start to see the connections between your thoughts, feelings and the way you cleverly cobbled your Concept of Self together. As you punch the air and start getting excited you become aware of the fact that you have created your identity with no conscious thought or planning…OMG the first massive WOW moment!!!!


  • You take the information from the previous exercises and plug them into the next exercise as we set about writing your two “Stories”, Past and Present.

  • You can now put your life story to the test and see the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Now you have a super clear idea of what has been going on and why you keep being snapped back to your current life.  

  • Buy being able to see clearly how your belief system plays negative role in your current life, you will be able to apply the tools in the future lessons to create a powerful path going forward.

  • Through deep reflection on the beliefs not working for you now, you can start making a list so you can address them in upcoming lessons.

Lesson 3:   Concept of Self

Remember I said that “At school you get the lesson first and then the test, in life you get the test first and then the lesson?”

Well Lesson 3 is all about taking a deep dive and applying the previous learnings from the lessons and tying it together with the theory that sits behind it all.     

You will be starting to get super excited as clarity is brought to how you have created your Concept of Self and how you have created your Story/Identity… Another big wow moment right here….


  • You deep dive into the theory of how you create a Concept of Self and use it to experience the world around you.   

  • We explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings, habits and how they become your identity.  

  • You will now be able to easily and quickly deconstruct the habits that you have created to create your Concept of Self.

  • You will have a powerful framework so you can plug into your values to create different outcomes, in the process understanding yourself and other people on a deeper more meaningful level.   

  • I teach you about the difference between Fused and Differentiated thoughts and the power of Mental Flexibility.
  • We take time out to reflect on what has come up for you so far in the previous Lessons and start connecting the dots.

Lesson 4:   The Process of becoming your New Story/Identity

Right about here is where all of the emotions start showing up, Guilt, Fear, Shame, Blame, Victim Mindset, etc… That’s okay, it is completely normal. I want you to know that I’m here to support you through this transformation...

You are not alone and what you uncover in your life is meant to be. More power to you for facing them and making the effort to become the truest and most authentic version of yourself… 

What you will now know is that you built your current life with no idea of how your Concept of Self is created, so if you didn’t know then, how can you be to blame… that’s why it is important to go through the Course and use the group as a way of feeling safe, supported and empowered to bring about the changes you crave in your life…

At this point we need to start moving forward by dream scaping the life you have dreamt of living and using the framework in the previous lesson to start creating a list of thoughts feelings, habits and the person we truly want to be.  


  • You deep dive into the theory of how you create a Concept of Self and use it to experience the world around you.   

  • We explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings, habits and how they become your identity.  

  • You will now be able to easily and quickly deconstruct the habits that you have created to create your Concept of Self.

  • You will have a powerful framework so you can plug into your values to create different outcomes, in the process understanding yourself and other people on a deeper more meaningful level.   

  • I teach you about the difference between Fused and Differentiated thoughts and the power of Mental Flexibility.
  • We take time out to reflect on what has come up for you so far in the previous Lessons and start connecting the dots.

Welcome in the new you!!!

Lesson 5:   Creating your new Story

This is my favourite part of the whole Course. I can remember when I was going through the creation of my new life. My mind was running wild with all of the dreams and desires, the vision for the future and the person that I really wanted to become… It was so energising, it felt freeing, like the weight was lifted from my shoulders and then that spark of enthusiasm kicked in… I dared to dream, did the work and today I am living that life…

I want you to have the same… so from this point on we are looking to the future, the future you, your vision, your passions, you living the life you were born to live, empowered, excited and energised…

Your friends will say what happened to you, you will say I made a choice… And that is what Lesson 5 is all about. Taking the time to project forward to the future and imagining the life you want to lead.  You get to write your new story and take the steps of implementing your new life…


  • Taking the dreamscape ideas, we plug them into the future self-framework and start planning and implementing your new beliefs to learn, so you can powerfully move forward.

  • You get to, in detail, deconstruct your new life, imagine what would it look, feel and be like, then add these to the plan…   

  • By brainstorming a list of beliefs to form the basis of your new life, we can be clear on what beliefs and patterns you need to let go of. It’s ok I have a tool for this to make it easy…

  • You rate and prioritise your new life list and map your new habits now formalising the vision of your future self all ready for implementation.

Lesson 6:   Learning how to be the new you

With any sort of change there is resistance, it’s plain and simple, and if anyone tells you that change is hard, they are right and wrong.

There is a better way, let me share it with you.

Imagine for a minute the subconscious mind is like the desk top of your computer.

You hit the on switch, the computer boots up and takes you to the desktop/home screen. By clicking the software icons, the program opens in the same way every time.

You click, it opens and runs the program the same way it did last time and in the background there are a lot of processes running that you don’t know about (for us it’s like breathing, digestion, muscle movement, etc.). These are all super important to living but not operating in the conscious mind…

Our subconscious mind is exactly the same, we think and thought triggers an internal program, you click it runs, just the same as your computer.

So how do you know exactly what is in your inner code? What thoughts are wired to what responses? With so many neural connections it would be impossible.

The Questions is, “If we can’t change it, how do we update our inner software?”

The answer is that we don’t change our subconscious mind, we learn new responses. Science tells us that our subconscious hates to change but loves to learn. The old saying goes “What fires together wires together” and the old connections (programs) will naturally disappear overtime, so we learn our way into a new life, no changes needed.

Let’s face it, how hard was it to create the old habits and beliefs? If you are like me it was pretty easy.   

I have a number of tools to help you learn the art of being the new you and fast track your personal mastery, and that is what we will achieve in Lesson 6.

  • I introduce you to 5 powerful life changing tools to use alongside your implementation of your new life.
  • Learn how to reset your nervous system if you feel overwhelm, stress or resistance.  

  • Learn how to master your thoughts and beat self-sabotage and beat resistance  

  • Learn how to let go of the past life and learn to embrace your new life

  • Learn how to find the personal power in the challenges that you face on a daily basis.

  • Learn how to find inner ease and flow in your life and be able to create that on call whenever you want.

  • Learn how to make the 96% of the time you are running on your subconscious mind to take you to your new life and not away from it.

Lesson 7:   Putting it all together

By now you should be buzzing, ready to take on the world, your new world, and once and for all start living the life you were born to live…

Lesson 7 now brings together the processes and explores the Art of living your life in an unlimited way, and how you can commit to the process of constant personal transformation.

I know for sure, once you get started on this path you are going to get addicted to the powerful way you can evolve your life…

You will now have;

  • A comprehensive understanding of how you got to where you were.

  • An in depth model of your Concept of Self.

  • A step by step blueprint to get you from where you were to where you want to be.

  • A reusable model to assess the past and plan the future.

  • A toolkit to learn your way to being the best version of yourself.

  • All the support and guidance that you will need.

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What you get is;

  • 7 in depth, powerful and instantly actionable Lessons to guide you step by step through the personal transformation process resulting in your ultimate life.  

  • A crystal clear idea why your life is not working now and how to move forward into your new life.

  • A step by step blueprint to use for the rest of your life, whenever you want to make changes it will be there.

  • Lifetime access to the Who Am I Course.   

  • Lifetime access to proven, science-based self-awareness tools to bring clarity to how you are now.

  • Interactive live support driven Q & A Sessions.

  • A self-paced, staged content delivery to reduce timeline pressures, so you can take your time to immerse yourself in the Course and get the best out of it.  

  • As you finish the Course you will have a full framework and be already implementing your findings and starting to live your dream life….  

The Course is delivered over 8 weeks with a mix of implementation weeks and new Lessons. It’s really important to take your time when you’re reflecting on the past and dreamscaping the new you. I really want you to be able to take time to fully immerse yourself, reflect and implement what you have learnt in each module.

It is important not to rush such a significant shift in your life, so Who Am I is designed with that in mind and in the process reducing your potential overwhelm.

Here are some Bonus Support tools so you will become unstoppable as you start living the life you were born to live…

Bonus 1:

8 Q & A Sessions



These interactive live Q & A sessions will allow you to get your questions answered so you are not stuck at any point during Who AM I. You will have group access to me in these sessions and you will also learn from others in the group as they ask their questions.

Bonus 2:

Emergency Email Support

When you are really stuck you will be able to reach out to me and have your questions answered. I know that sometimes things are deeply personal to share, so for these situations you are welcome to shoot me an email and we can work through your challenge together.



Bonus 3:

8 Group Coaching Sessions

These coaching sessions are in a live, in group format. I have planned extra training and deeper level explanations for these sessions. Normally I look at the feedback and the types of questions being asked in the group and common questions that require further exploration can we be worked through in these sessions 

Who Am I is Risk Free!!

You will be backed by a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I have to be upfront and honest here;

Who Am I is simple, actionable and brings profound changes to those who go through the Course. It’s the only Personal Transformation Online Course today that uses the scientifically proven and specific tools to bring about a fast and easy shift from the old you to the new you.

Being part of an active and switched on group of people that “GET“ the process of transformation is both inspiring, safe and supportive… When you join, you will be joining this group and become an Alumni over time..

Here’s the kicker!!  

If after 15 days, that means you will get Lessons 1 and 2, giving you the foundations to your Concept of Self and to get a deep understanding of your Story/Identity, meaning you will have plenty of time to validate the Course.

If you still can’t get a hang of the Course and feel totally confident that you do not want to start living your ultimate life and you have completed the work in the Modules. Simply reach out to me and I will refund your investment.     








Q: How much time will this Course take per week?

A: Approximately 4 hours per week. Some people spend more time and some less, it depends on how deep you want to go. My advice is the deeper you go the better the result.

Q: I have done other Courses before, why is this one different?

A: This Course uses proven science-based tools with a proven track record.

Q: Will I have to do huge amounts of research?

A: You will be given all of the tools and information in the Course. However, if you want to dig deeper, once you join the Course reach out for some resources.

Q: I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything that is going on in my life at the moment, will I still make it?

A: Yes this is a perfect time for you to go through Who AM I, because it is self-paced, you can take as long as you like.

Q: When I join WHO AM I, will I get access to the program right away?

A: Yes absolutely!!

Q: Will Andy be there to help me if I get stuck?

A: Yes, one of the key support strategies is to have a program so people can reach out if needed, that’s why we have Group Coaching, Group Q & A Sessions and Email Support to follow it up.

Still “thinking about it”?

You should give Who Am I a RISK-FREE shot if you’re motivated about any of the following;

  • Whether you’ve been struggling to re-invent your life for a short time or for some time now, you will understand how challenging in can be when you try to go it alone. That’s why a community is so important.

  • If you know in your heart you have something to give the world and you want to share that gift with everyone and that you truly want to live the best life POSSIBLE.

  • You would know that feeling of frustration when you make a change to your life and you get snapped back into the same old you and that feeling of giving up on your dreams and worse still giving up on yourself.

  • You’re tired of paying the price of failing to step into the person that you truly are worthy of becoming, the life you were born to live.

That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest the next 8 weeks to commit to and re-invent your old self and birth the new and powerful change in your life and making the decision to Live your Life, YOUR WAY 365 days of the year!!!  

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I am so excited about guiding you through the next 8 weeks.

Going through this process has literally transformed my life, going from being depressed, stressed, over worked and out of control, to reinventing myself to guide people on their transformational journey.

You get to tap into my experiences and the collective knowledge and wisdom of the Who Am I Community.

It’s so exciting watching people learn they are not who they think they are and then become what they want to be. I wish I could count how many times people have said to me that they are now worthy, lovable, a good person and can now live life on their terms expressing their dreams through their work.

As I say, what’s the price of the Course vs the price of the pain of not changing?

Should you wish to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 8 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you and your family

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Who Am I.

All my best wishes,

Andy Fox